Predictions for 2024 from Clairvoyance

What does the year 2024 hold for us?

In this year, 2024, we will be under the energetic influence of the number 8, as well as the planets Neptune and Mars.

The number 8 is often associated with infinity, power, dominance, but also with anarchy, dictatorship, and the desire for justice. It also indicates a return of the past influencing our present, leading to strong tensions and conflicts. A year of significant challenges lies ahead of us. The planets Neptune and Mars will emphasize the material aspects of life, bringing about major changes marked by a spiritual quest.

According to my clairvoyant predictions and numerology calculations, the year 2024 will evoke a sense of helplessness and resignation. Many French people will feel like they're moving forward like robots despite a deep desire for change. They will seem resigned, struggling to envision significant transformations for the country. The overall atmosphere in France might remain burdensome, violent, and unstable.

For the world, the year 2024 will be a period of high tension, uncertainty, armed conflicts, but also of significant changes. The cards from my Belline Oracle seem to indicate that our country will struggle to find the economic stability promised by the Macron government. As we progress through 2024, the French will feel like their purchasing power is diminishing, and they will increasingly struggle to make ends meet. Our country will evolve in 2024 along a path of tension and violence.

Economic situation of France in 2024:

The year 2024, according to my clairvoyant predictions, appears to be challenging for the French economy. Numerous closures of small businesses will take place. According to my various numerology calculations and clairvoyant readings, it's primarily the small and medium-sized enterprises that will be most affected by these closures. The measures announced by the Macron government to stem inflation unfortunately won't be sufficient.

Economic growth in France will stagnate, plunging the Macron government into a delicate political position. Faced with blockages in its proposals in the National Assembly, the government will once again resort to Article 49.3 on multiple occasions.

The Macron government will seek to leverage the 2024 Olympic Games, taking place in France from Friday, July 26 to Sunday, August 11, to dispel the prevailing gloom and revive the French economy. However, this Olympic period will likely only provide a temporary respite without a lasting effect on the French economy.

According to my clairvoyant predictions, the Bank of France will sound the alarm about the concerning decrease in French savings.

2024 Psychic Predictions for Employment in France:

Unemployment will rise during the first half of the year, followed by a slight decrease in the second half before finally stabilizing towards the end of the year. According to my psychic predictions, the government's set goals for reducing unemployment in 2024 will be far from achieved.

Security in France during the year 2024:

The cards in this divination reading seem to indicate that the year 2024 will be marked by numerous tensions within French society, creating an atmosphere where protests and violence will intertwine month after month. As I also predicted several weeks ago in my psychic forecasts, the conflict between Israel and Hamas will shake and divide France throughout the year 2024. As mentioned in my predictions established for the months of January, February, and March 2024, France will witness numerous demonstrations in support of Gaza, intense violence, and numerous anti-Semitic acts.

The cards in this divination reading suggest that the government will struggle to contain this situation, placing it clearly in a delicate position where it takes one step forward and two steps back. The famous "En même temps" (At the same time) approach practiced by the Macron government will find it challenging to work, particularly causing strong tensions with certain Arab countries.

Security in France will become increasingly problematic, with a growing portion of society turning more violent. My reading seems to indicate that there will be an increasing sense of heading towards a civil war. Clearly, my psychic predictions suggest that one of the significant challenges for Emmanuel Macron's government will be figuring out how to restore peace in France.

According to this divination reading, it appears that unfortunately, France will be impacted by several terrorist attacks during the year 2024. One attack will be particularly organized and result in multiple victims.

European elections of 2024:

The 2024 European elections will take place, according to my 2024 psychic readings, in a context marked by high abstention, highlighting a growing disinterest in traditional politics. The Rassemblement National (National Rally) will emerge as the big winner of these elections, capitalizing on this abstention and thus strengthening its political position as the primary opponent to Emmanuel Macron's policies. However, despite remaining in the top three in the European elections, Emmanuel Macron's party will clearly show signs of fatigue, reflecting a gradual disenchantment among the electorate.

Les Républicains (The Republicans) will seek to find their place in this changing political landscape, minimizing the damage despite obvious difficulties in asserting themselves between Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron. Meanwhile, Eric Zemmour's list, led by Marion Maréchal, will seem to find its audience, enabling Reconquête to gain elected officials and consolidate their position.

Florian Philippot and Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, with their sovereigntist lists, will amplify their political presence and attract the attention of many on issues of national sovereignty.

On the other hand, La France Insoumise (Unsubmissive France) will pay the price for Jean-Luc Mélenchon's missteps, displaying results below their expectations and emerging weakened following these European elections.

According to my psychic predictions, the list of the president of the hunters, focused on defending rurality, traditions, and hunting, will experience a total failure, while the Animalist Party will maintain its previous score, highlighting the growing importance of animal rights issues in the political agenda.

Following the European elections, Marine Le Pen will progressively rise in the polls, highlighting, according to my psychic predictions, a real possibility of her election as President of the French Republic in 2027. My psychic predictions also show that she would clearly measure up to this task.

After the European elections, La France Insoumise will face a deep internal crisis. Deputy François Ruffin will increasingly distance himself from Jean-Luc Mélenchon and La France Insoumise, creating his own movement that will garner genuine enthusiasm beyond the right/left political divides, even overshadowing the political movement Europe Écologie Les Verts (European Ecology The Greens).

The government will face increasing difficulties in obtaining support in the National Assembly, which could completely isolate it and jeopardize it politically.

In summary, my psychic predictions clearly reveal that the 2024 European elections will be marked by high abstention, highlighting a deep disinterest and a real lack of confidence in traditional politics. This confirms the accelerated mutation of the French political landscape that I had already announced in my psychic predictions in 2022. Marine Le Pen's Rassemblement National will increasingly attract attention and gain influence, reflecting a growing desire for renewal and radical change within our society.

Predictions for the 2024 Olympic Games:

The organization of the 2024 Olympic Games will pose a real challenge for France, both logistically and in terms of security. According to my psychic predictions, disruptions, protests, and construction delays could impact this major event. Despite an overall smooth flow, protests will erupt, accompanied by violent incidents and issues in transportation logistics and the progress of preparations for the Games.

Emmanuel Macron's government and the city of Paris will face criticism from political opposition and certain associations regarding the organization of the Olympic Games.

Predictions for 2024 from Clairvoyance for the World:

In 2024, according to my clairvoyant predictions, attention will once again turn towards the Korean peninsula. Growing tensions between North and South Korea will raise concerns not only in the United States but also in China, amplifying global geopolitical fears.

The cards of clairvoyance seem to indicate an imminent threat of assassination targeting a prominent political leader. This tense situation could potentially pave the way for strong international tensions. They also appear to indicate the passing of a French political figure.

An incident involving a submarine will inflame tensions between several nations, causing additional friction on the international stage and testing the already fragile relations between the involved countries.

As previously announced in my 2023 clairvoyant predictions, the war between Ukraine and Russia will continue to stagnate. Russia will suffer a significant setback on the ground, sparking anger from Vladimir Putin. A nuclear accident will occur in 2024.

The coming months will be marked by persistent instability in the financial and real estate markets in the United States. This alarming situation will raise fears for certain companies in the construction sector, exacerbating economic uncertainties.

Tensions could arise between some Arab countries and Israel and its supporters, creating a strong division among communities worldwide. This clairvoyant reading seems to confirm these predictions by indicating a possible rise in religious conflicts, even hinting at the specter of a "modern" Third World War motivated by religious differences.

The Arab world will also be in turmoil, with escalating threats and boycotts against products from Israel, as well as from certain other countries, including France and the United States.

According to my clairvoyant reading, the United States will also be struck by a terrible attack that will shock the country and create significant tensions between the Middle East and the United States.

In order to counter the West and accentuate instability in Europe, Vladimir Putin will unveil a plan for nuclear rearmament, while expressing support for certain Arab countries that oppose Israel and its allies.

In summary, my clairvoyant predictions for 2024 suggest a significant increase in violence worldwide and that we may be on the brink of a "modern" Third World War. It will be crucial for our governments to remain vigilant in the face of these signals and to promote dialogue and understanding among nations to prevent such scenarios. Let us not forget that peace and cooperation remain the fundamental pillars of a harmonious world.

Predictions for 2024 made on November 19, 2023, by the clairvoyant and medium Nicolas Duquerroy.

Nicolas Duquerroy is a famous clairvoyant and natural-born medium specializing in the Belline Oracle and the Tarot of Love.

Selected by the Guide of Clairvoyance and elected as a 5-star medium in the category of "exceptional star mediums" in the "Times Square Press New York" magazine.

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