Clairvoyance, let's go towards the downfall of Europe?

For several days now, Europe has been grappling with an escalation that began with the crisis of angry farmers. Whether in France, Germany, or Spain, farmers are pointing out the inconsistencies in certain measures taken by the European Union.

In France, as I had already indicated in my psychic predictions regarding the farmers' protests, to address the discontent of angry farmers, Emmanuel Macron's government will opt for a "prolongation" strategy. Indeed, facing the growing anger of farmers, Gabriel Attal will make sporadic announcements week after week, with the sole purpose of buying time, hoping that the movement of angry farmers will lose its intensity and tire out.

The psychic reading I have just conducted seems to indicate that the agricultural crisis will escalate further in Europe in the days and weeks to come, particularly in France. According to my psychic predictions, Europe will be significantly impacted by this crisis. Beyond farmers, this revolt will also extend to the general population, which will increasingly express opposition to the functioning of Europe.

In this psychic reading, it appears that the European elections scheduled for this year 2024 will shape a new political landscape for Europe, marked by the emergence of numerous victories for political parties labeled as nationalist or sovereignist.

In Brussels, according to my psychic reading, it seems that the European Parliament could be infiltrated by numerous activists, fortunately without causing major damage.

A rise in anti-European movements

Beyond the tense atmosphere in the European Parliament with farmers, it is within the populations of many countries that anti-European discontent will grow. Movements advocating for their countries' exit from the European Union will gain momentum in the weeks and months ahead.

According to my predictions in clairvoyance, in France, Florian Philippot's movement, "Les Patriotes," will attract many new members and sympathizers. They will increasingly align with the desire for "Frexit."

However, in France, the main beneficiary of this wave of dissatisfaction appears to be, according to my clairvoyant predictions, the National Rally led by Jordan Bardella. The National Rally will clearly dominate in the European elections, surpassing the government of Emmanuel Macron in terms of the number of European representatives.

A Destabilized Europe

All my clairvoyant predictions seem to indicate that Europe will be shaken and will clearly enter a period of change in the coming months. Unfortunately for those hoping to witness the collapse of Europe, it will be shaken but will not yield. However, this new political landscape in the European Parliament will lead to a slight change in direction, steering towards a Europe of Nations rather than a European Nation. It is important to note, however, that Europe still holds disappointments to come.